About Us

Nestled in the San Joaquin Valley South-East of Fresno, California, lies this unique farm where you can go back to the days of balloon tire bicycles and pedal cars. There is absolutely no charge to view this vast array of non-reproduction antiques valued in the millions. Whether you are relaxing on the steps of the original 1946 Santa Fe Caboose or shopping amongst the valley's finest and largest collection of dried fruit and nuts, you will be REMINISCING of days gone by. You'll be taken back to the time when the farm first began. Back to when the first of the five generations began this operation as a small family farm. Simonian Farms has grown in size since the 1900's but, the Simonian family has vowed not to lose the down home country charm, affordable pricing, and fantastic taste the Simonian Farm shopper has come to appreciate and enjoy.

Today, times have changed and most small family farms like ours have vanished. Yet, Simonian Farms still clings to the "Charm of Yesterday." We have built on site the only monument of its kind out of wood from the Japanese internment camp from Poston, Arizona. Mr. Simonian dedicated the monument to the Japanese Americans who were in the camp that helped mentor him as a young man. He started the retail business of Simonian Farms at the age of 16 years old, which made him the bread winner of the family and at age 19 who took care of his mother and his father until their passing. Because of our love the way it used to be we now attract visitors from around the globe and have tour buses visit almost daily ranging from Europe, China, Japan, and the Middle East.

 In 1995, President Clinton visited our store, the only business in California that year. While, shopping inside our produce market, visitors encounter fascinating memorabilia such as old mannequins, porcelain and tin signs, restored vintage gas pumps, antique bicycles, and even a turn of the century model train that steams and whistles along 200 ft. of overhead track. There is no reproduction of any kind here, everything is authentic. So whether you are ordering by phone or have visited this unique farm in person, you can always expect to have a pleasant experience. Simonian Farms stands for farm fresh quality and old fashion family service. We promise you that our premium dried fruit and nuts are processed, packed, and shipped throughout the United States from the historic Valley Landmark. Proud to have served the community since 1901. 5 generations.

Simonian Farms - A Historic Valley Landmark